Healthcare and medical photography

Create a comprehensive image library to draw from for years to come. My photography experience covers all areas of healthcare from patient care, medical education, research, specialised techniques, annual reports, portraits, surgery, medical device manufacturers, equipment, surgeons, clinical staff, healthcare teams, doctors, health care scientists, dentists, nurses and other healthcare professionals associated with the delivery of care within clinics, hospitals, operating theatres or on wards. Also marketing, medical illustration and communications staff.

Getting across that sense of professionalism, comfort and empathy to an audience about your professional medical services is important to any healthcare clinician or provider if they want to connect with their patients and customers.
I have years of experience in taking creative photographs of clinical and healthcare subjects both in the private and public healthcare sectors.
As such, you may be reassured that my healthcare photography skills are up to the task of putting your professional medical services in the best possible light. If you’re in the clinical sector and are looking for an experienced, healthcare photographer, then please get in contact with me.

Health Centres and large GP Practices also understand that as some treatments are provided more conveniently for patients closer to home, the need to engage more fully with them increases. Websites and brochures can effectively showcase the services provided, hiring a creative photographer brings the professionalism alive.

Care homes and residential nursing homes appreciate that when people are looking for the right facility for the needs of their loved ones, the environment and attitude of staff are most important. Photography is a powerful way of letting families understand your approach to patient care before they’ve even stepped through your door.

I have a working with children clearance which means that work with young people and vulnerable adults is done in a safe and dignified manner at all times.